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Kogel Silotrailer Gigaliner Set v1.0
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Kogel Silotrailer Gigaliner Set v1.0

Kögel Silotrailer Gigaliner Pack (Suitable for Scania R730 Silver)

Basic script (Washable Wheel Tracks)
Filltypes; wheat rape maize barley seeds fertilizer lime
About charging function and trigger for lime Fertilizer and Seeds
Lid for opening
Color Selection

Big capacity 65500
Capacity Small 45500

Have fun

File does not need to be unpacked
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No reupload without permission


White Rhino

  • Matrix50
    2015-05-04 00:25 Send message
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    it can not be converted into sugar too ????
  • Hsayar
    2016-10-28 14:56 Send message
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    Can you edit for FS17?
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