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Kogel with tarpaulin v2.0
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Kogel with tarpaulin v2.0

So now there is also here.
For trailers:
He invites 50,000 liters and costs € 45,000 purchase, and 35 € a day. You can load with him all standard fruits and sand. The tarpaulin is a wegblendbar and besides, he is dirty and is thus washable.
And who agree it is the fruit not there might be a few are intended to please the Multifruit Mod Download and use this;)
The baby blue MAN is the ausm game!

Mechanik = Unterbau
Plane, Licht und Dreck = Micha

  • Sasuke
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    Thomas !!!!! Please, please, please! Create a (VRT mach lamborghini 230) for Farming Simulator 2013! I'll be grateful to you if I give you some tractors VIP U650 with pleasure !!! PLEASE !!!
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