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Komatsu 941 Wood Harvester v1.0 beta
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Komatsu 941 Wood Harvester v1.0 beta

Here is the first Komatsu 941 Wood Harvester Beta version! The new future from the Wood Harvester Family! I do not want to talk to much! Just look at him! :)
Before someone tell me it is has some proplem, I know all of them! But the Log file clean! Little miss and things need to do! But who cares! The next version will have all of them! So please enjoy!

It is on the standard like Ponsse!
-1:1 Scale like the Original size
-20Meter cut
-and more!
Check it and see!
-no lights set!!!!!

Please DO NOT upload on another SITE! I will close the project, if someone use it if it is not need! Please respect The Modders! Thanks for everyone and I wish so much fun!
Any questions or something,then just write to me! So, See you later! :)

ZoltanMolnar and Giants!

  • Name
    2015-05-14 01:45
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    when u geting lights on v good mod /
  • Zoltanmolnar
    2015-05-19 13:01
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    There would be soon a Final version! Now I am working on my biggest project! On a Cat Feller Buncher! Have a nice day! :)
  • Zoltanmolnar
    2015-05-22 14:27
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    https://www.facebook.com/zoltan.molnar.54966 or [email protected]! Here you can find more informations about my projects and me!New mods are under works!Thanks!=]
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