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Kotte 140100 v1.0
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Kotte 140100 v1.0

Kotte 10100 liters Description:
Teschniche data:
Capacity: 14100 liter
Required power: 120 ps
Working width: 15.0 meters
Crops: manure
Entertain costs: 50 euros per day

Keys & Function
Q coupling / uncoupling
B switching on / off

Log is error free
We wish you much fun with the new mod from us and we would ask the good Reviewed you weiterempfehlt the Mod
Your john Deere Farm Team
On Youtube
Instagramm: John_Deere_Agrarvideos
I would appreciate if you screenshots inserts
Mod must (not Gild for the private purpose) Only With Our Einwilligug Rebuilt Or on other Web Sites Publish
Please unpack ZIP file
Kind regards from:
John Deere agricultural Videos

Modell: John Deere agrarvideos Team
Textur: John Deere agrarvideos Team
Script: John Deere agrarvideos Team
Idee / Konzept: John Deere agrarvideos Team
Tester: John Deere agrarvideos Team und user des mods
Sonstige: John Deere agrarvideos Team

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