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Kotte Garant TSA 2 axles with turntable v1.1
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Kotte Garant TSA 2 axles with turntable v1.1

Today I present my Kotte Garant TSA with turntable for download. I took the 3-axle trailer from the standard game, taken from an axis and slightly reduced the tank. Moreover, it is no longer a semitrailer, but a turntable.

version 1.1
- Support feet including brackets were removed
- Steering axle has been expanded
- Water and milk as fillTypes added

- Washable
- lighting
- Liquid Filling and overweight
- Capacity: 20,000 liters

Post Re is not permitted!
Have fun! : D

Modell: Giants, Oylerhenry
Textur: Giants, Oylerhenry
Script: Giants, Oylerhenry
Idee / Konzept: Oylerhenry
Tester: Oylerhenry
Sonstige: BM Modding, DD ModPassion

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