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Kraz Semi Trailers Pack v1.3
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Kraz Semi Trailers Pack v1.3

The Pack consist of:
- Trailer Dniester 8523-10 with a capacity of 30,000 liters of body, Equipped with a removable canopy is blocking the front bogie. The body carries the standard loads fs 15, as well as: silage, manure, hay, straw, feed mix, fertilizer and sand.
- Trailers for tractor: Universal semi-truck Dnestr 9523-05 with a capacity of body 35000/60000 l., Equipped with removable added boards, standard transports loads fs 15, as well as: silage, manure, hay, straw, feed mixture , fertilizers, sand bales. Fixed bug fixing cargo.
- Semi-Dniester grain 93571 with a capacity of 60,000 liters of body. Transports standard cargo 15 fs and sand. Fixed a bug with awning.
- Tank semi-trailer for the transport of liquid products, tank capacity of 52,000 liters. Transports sunflower oil, milk and water.
- Semitrailer tanker TZ-22 tanks with a capacity of 22,000 liters.
- Semi trawl CHMZAP 9990 for transporting equipment.
- Semi OdAZ 9976 with a capacity of 40 animals for transportation of cattle transports pigs, calves and cows, horses and sheep.
- Tank semi-trailer for transporting liquid manure and liquid fertilizer capacity 57000 l., Has the ability to spray the field.
- Semi-930702-010 Sortimentovoz can be used on the cards, where there is a mission on the transport of logs and planks, the capacity of 36,000 liters.
- Semi-trailer for transportation of products with a capacity of 48,000 liters. Transporting bottled sunflower oil, as well as: flour, sugar, meat, sausage, whiskey, wine, beer, canned food, yogurt, jam, hops, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, plums, grapes, oranges, strawberries, cherries, eggplant mushrooms, dairy products.

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