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KRF 10 v1.0
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KRF 10 v1.0

Moin her Simluanten,
Today I imagine you from my little side project.
I like the Russian art so I've tinkered times this trailer together. A real model does not exist for him.
He can load silage, chopped grass.
It is intended for the small farmer because he only € 2,750 and € 3 cost on the day.
It has a capacity of 7500 liters.
The unloading takes place duch a rotary screw the abläd front right of the trailer.
Oh yes, he has neither light nor a flasher.
!!! And there will be no more of that version !!!
(Mod can not be changed without my permission let alone be re-uploaded !!!!)

Anhänger Marke Eigenbau von Micha04668

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