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Kroeger Agroliner SRB35 v1.2
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Kroeger Agroliner SRB35 v1.2

Hi LS-Com! Here I present my LS15 MOD
Kroeger Agroliner SRB35

Version 1.2
now version 1.2 fix animation Discharge and charge
fix turn signals and brake light
added sand, gravel, cement, sunflower, fertilizer, wheat, windrow, dryGrass windrow, grass windrow

Lights, brake lights, turn signals
Tire tracks and driving dust
fully animated (bolt, bolts, rods)
swing axle
Dynamic Fillplane
Washable (dirty)
Used texture
Loading capacity: 60t

Giants, JuniorHeNcK, HNK MODS

  • Serg
    2015-09-01 00:34 Send message
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    Not loaded sand.
  • Hay country
    2016-08-25 15:43 Send message
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    hey could anybody that makes mod can they make a tipper to hold sorghum,sunflowers,oats,soybeans and rye. that would be great thanks
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