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Kroeger Agroliner TAW 30 v1.0
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Kroeger Agroliner TAW 30 v1.0

Kroeger Agroliner TAW 30
- New AO Textures
- LiftAxis
- Addatable extra body

All questions please write to my page on Facebook --> Czech Modding LS

Texture: LexikCZ
Script: LexikCZ
Idea / Concept: LexikCZ
Testing: LexikCZ
Other: LexikCZ

  • Taylor badger u.s
    2016-08-18 01:48
    This is why I wont buy FS17, I dont care there is a fucking train you can ride, I dont care that the pigs just goes around like pigs do in danish animal wellfare farms , you see, thats the only fucking difference of FS15 to FS17 ? ... I wont buy FS17, no way, i will steal it , fuck it up and go back to FS15 ...... /Taylor
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