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Krone 18 ton v1.2
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Krone 18 ton v1.2

What has been changed:
A few optical changes were made
New tires with proper tread the ancients was not quite pleased
The Have I they are the height of the Füllplane changed so the trailer no longer look so filled only to 70%
and I have the trailer nor a pair underlay wedges Missed the When To couple on the podium Lying.

So after a little pause in LS shop Also Reports Borsti1984 Back
With a Not exactly spectacular Mod This is a Original Kröger by LS15

I have a crown 18 Tonner rebuilt as it is not I wanted to have something different from Krone much Specifies trailer Except the little possessions and. Since I have the time Rebuilt It is available in 2 versions once with tarp to fade and once without tarpaulin.
This mod does not match any original model of crown thus he also has a proper name

Since this is a Giants model is of course to the UL links link also direct.

Watch the trailer:
Volummen 18000

Fruits: wheat, barley, straw, sugar beets, potatoes, corn, silage, compound feed, grass, seed, Saatgut2, fertilizer, lime, manure

<fillTypes> wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet silage woodchips fertilizer lime seeds seeds2 forage forage_mixing manure grass_windrow barley_windrow wheat_windrow </ fillTypes>

Standard: Indicators and lighting and Washable more you do not need actually
Thus, I wish a lot of fun with the Small Tag wishes you Borsti1984
Origin mod was this: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/kroeger-agroliner-hkd-302--7

Credits: gaints exabyte Borsti1984
The first DL Link is the crown Tarpauline
And the alternative is the crown Without Plane

Gaints exabyte Borsti1984

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