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Krone Baler Prototype v1.0
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Krone Baler Prototype v1.0

Brand: Krone (Prototype)
Price: 179.000 €
Upkeep: 79 € per day
Category: Baling
Power: 220 PS

Self-propelled baler for hay and straw.
Fully animated
All-wheel, All-wheel steering
Max. workingspeed: 20 km/h
Lighting, Blinker, RUL
Some more

Carrier vehicle:
Origin: usxi7sd
Conversion: ICookie

Thanks to usxi8sd for release!

Model: Giants
Texture & Ingame: speedy77
Script: Giants, Ifko[nator]
Conversion: ICookie

Thanks to speedy77 for release and Help with textures!

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Modell: Giants
Textur: speedy77, ICookie
Script: Giants, Ifko[nator]
Idee / Konzept: ICookie
Tester: ICookie, speedy77
Trägerfahrzeug: usxi7sd

  • Max


    2016-02-22 10:50
    Good morning you tell me what good is this car? We have for packing the bales do not make mods that are useless thanks hello
  • Punisher
    2016-02-22 13:42
    This is a great Baler. Ignore Max, he is a retard.
  • Retard
    2016-02-24 17:52
    If you do not mind the camera bobbing around while using this then hey.. power to you. As it is it junk.
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