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Krone Baler Prototype v3.0
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Krone Baler Prototype v3.0

Brand: Krone (prototype)
Price: € 179 000
Daily upkeep: € 79 per day
Category: Bailing
Power: 220 PS

Self-propelled baler for hay and straw.
Fully animated
Allwheel, all-wheel steering
Max working speed:. 20 km / h
lights, turn signals, RUL

Added turn signals front, foldable
Less dust
reworked textures
added worklights in front & rear
IC Control
spring hardness, travel adapted
collision from Cutter repositioned

Passenger Script
Change steering
Attacher moveable
Worklights seperated
Cab light
More Power

Model: Giants, usxi7sd
Textur & Ingame: speedy77, Giants, ICookie
Script: Giants, IFKO [nator], rafftnix, Michi77, ICookie
Conversion: ICookie

Thanks to usxi7sd for sharing!
Thanks to speedy77 for release and Help with textures!

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Questions are also welcome to be asked in the comments.

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Re-upload - even if modified - is prohibited.
Re-upload (nawet ever? Li zmienione) jest zabronione.
Re-upload (même si modifié) est inderdite.

Hello LS Com.,
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So it would be really nice if u could donate me some money via Paypal.
For who it is too much, just use the uploaded.to link. It help's me too a little bit!

Modell: Giants
Textur: speedy77, ICookie
Script: Giants, Ifko[nator], rafftnix, Michi77, ICookie
Idee / Konzept: ICookie
Tester: ICookie, speedy77
Trägerfahrzeug: usxi7sd

  • Flo


    2016-03-21 10:44
    0 0
    sehr blöd das auf dem untersten Bild mit dem echten ein Deutz Fahr und kein Krone zu sehen ist
  • Kent
    2016-03-28 08:11
    0 0
    I've been waiting for a mod like this, but can you please add the ability to mow grass to the cutter/pickup head? I'm looking for a way to keep up with hay production for my large dairy farm.
  • Nissenko
    2016-07-24 14:17
    0 0
    It would be nice to have lerge rakes on the front to press 2 rows at the same time
  • Nebular
    2016-08-02 02:17
    0 0
    I can only get it to produce straw bales. Even though the HUD indicates it's picking up grass, it does not eject hay bales.
  • Nebular
    2016-08-02 03:58
    0 0
    By modifying some of the files, I was able to get the correct bales, so now it's kicking out both straw and hay bales like mad. Great Mod!!
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