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Krone BiG X 1100 v1.0
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Krone BiG X 1100 v1.0

Krone BigX 1100 Beast
Engine 1294 hp 4280 Nm of torque Chiptuning
Krone ÜLW dolly axle Cargp3 prototype
Krone Easy Flow Pickup
Krone Easy Collect Maisgebiss
Krone XDisc cutter for Grass and Grain
Krone Header Trailer

- IC control Installed
- Fitted seat suspension
- Installed light indicator
- Indoor Lighting revised (Terminal Air)
- IC animations (passenger seat-Lenkseule-door)
- Enlarged display terminal
- Passenger Script Installed
- Wipers Installed
- Fitted tires
- Bel installed 3.1
- Fixed instruments
- Twin wheels on arbeited
- Re-textured interior
- Installed rpm Script
- Animated armrest
- Decoration for: Items Installed
- Terminal Bootscreen
- Driving Direction Indicators
- Tire tracks and tire dust Cargo
- Animated sun visor
- Installed Indoor Sound
- New indicators on Terminal
- Shift Able Mass script on arbeited
- New silage tank
- Camera Script Installed for better indoor view of Cargo
- Cabins Lighting Installed
- Cargo Attacher installed for SSW
- Installed Camera Work Script
- Changed Pipe Particel
- Pipe Adapted for Cargo
- The latest gear Version
- 1294 hp 4280 Nm of torque

Upsidedown, xyzspain, JokobT, Johnny1980, Repi, Kyosho, Rafftnix, Biedens, Bullgore

  • Fantomas
    2016-10-12 12:53
    salut très jolie mods 10/10 rien a dire bravo a convertir pour fs17
  • Farmboy002
    2016-10-13 04:54
    I like the fact you can hire a worker to cut grass. And the mod is nice. But it conflicts with my other mods I have. Made my other harvester go 6mph and I had them set up to go at 9mph I took this mod out of my mods folder and my other harvester are back to normal.
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