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Krone BigM 500 v1.1
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Krone BigM 500 v1.1

Hello dear fans LS,
I have an old friend from LS13, the Big M500 scored a LS15 cure.
The model as such was Überabeitet, interior, textures and features are changed / replaced.
In Detail
Low-trailer train mouth, PTO connection, speedometer, RPM, Operating Time, Fuel display, left door to open and Washable

Working width 13m

Of course, the functions were taken over from LS13, wide spreading / swathing.
So the ideal working tool for large companies and / or contractors.
You can find me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Timber131-3D-Artwork/791472367587508?fref=nf
About a Like I would be happy :)
The machine has been used;) enjoy!

Giants, Timber131

  • Pate
    2015-07-28 18:35
    i have mist this mod from 13 i play 13 and 15 now and i hav loking at combis on Google and this monster mower is yust wats i lockng for thx THOMAS FOR YUR MOD AND can yu plz do like a helecopter or plane for in 13 dat was helis and planes plz if yu can do a sky crane heli yu ar the best mdor in farming simulator 11 13 and 15
  • Pate
    2015-07-28 18:36
    i am from sweden and i can not speak so mutch englisyu ar best
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