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Krone BigX 1100 BeastPack v12.10 Beta
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Krone BigX 1100 BeastPack v12.10 Beta

UPDATE:  25.10.2015 0.01Uhr v12.10 Beta

Table of Contents (Please read first!):
1: Preface
2: Pack contents
3: Specification
4: Functions & Keyboard Layouts
5: WIP thread and Error Collection
6: Known Bugs
7: For the future
8: Update History
1: Preface
The Beast Pack project have been around for almost 4 years, restive, the pack has evolved and improved. It is equally proceed.
So up to this point first thanks to all of you who helped with the Site and to the people to realize the project.

2: Pack Contents 8 mods
Krone BigX 1100 Beast
Engine 1294 hp 4280 Nm of torque Chiptuning
Krone ÜLW dolly axle Cargp3 prototype
Krone Easy Flow Pickup
Krone Easy Collect Maisgebiss
Krone XDisc cutter for Grass and Grain
Krone Header Trailer
MAN TGS 8x8 agricultural
Engine 647 hp 3000 Nm of torque Chiptuning

3: Specification
Pack.zip Size 98.01MB

4: Functions & Keyboard Layouts
! Please also pay attention to the right device for you if what you want on / switch, the Hud note in the upper left corner and the it!
(Must be BigX selected) IC Control button KEY_R_CTRL
(Must be BigX selected) Twin wheels button KEY_KP8
(Must be BigX selected) chains Trac Soucy button KEY_KP7
Counterweight on (BigX must be selected) button KEY_B
Counterweight off (must be BigX selected) button KEY_X
Pipe show (must be BigX selected) Press O
(Must be BigX selected) silage tank in / out without function key L

Open and close button Dolly bunker (Cargo must be Dolly selected) KEY_M
Dolly bunker rotate (Dolly Cargo must be selected) Press X
Dolly bunker ÜLW Trailerlift axis (Dolly Cargo must be selected)  KEY_v
ATTENTION Dolly can be folded on street only empty !!!

MAN TGS agricultural attacher coupling high (MAN must be selected) button KEY_5
MAN TGS agricultural attacher clutch down (MAN must be selected) button KEY_6

MAN Bergmann Trailer prop left high (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_n
MAN Bergmann Trailer prop left down (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_j
MAN Bergmann trailer prop right up (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_m
MAN Bergmann trailer prop right down (Bergmann must be selected) button KEY_L
ATTENTION operation of the supports on the outside of the switches (see picture)

5: WIP thread and Error Collection
Here you will find all information about the project
And here please post all defects and faults

6: Known Bugs
Recommended cluttered only in the state

7: For the future
Indoor Sound
IC control
Pack clean up continues
Revise Twin wheels
BigX silage tank dirt
Create LowAttacher hitch
Adjust driving performance
Lighting 3.1 block again
Remove Indoor lighting display more
Revise cutting transport protection model
Revise Particle systems BigX Pipe and Cargo
About loading cargo while cruising permit without losses
MAN cabins backlight
MAN Bergmann transport flaps
What you still such a / notice
8: Update History

Well, the tests I leave as always you, surrender times ordenlich feedback.
If anyone else has this interest Pack to develop in terms of equipment, textutierung, hunt 3D work or the MR conversion, simply mail in my mailbox ...
So have fun with the pack :)
BIGX1100 Changelog LS15:     v12.10 Beta      24.10.2015   

- IC control Installed
- Fitted seat suspension
- Installed light indicator
- Indoor Lighting revised (Terminal Air)
- IC animations (passenger seat-Lenkseule-door)
- Enlarged display terminal
- Passenger Script Installed
- Wipers Installed
- Fitted tires
- Bel installed 3.1
- Fixed instruments
- Twin wheels on arbeited
- Re-textured interior
- Installed rpm Script
- Animated armrest
- Decoration for: Items Installed
- Terminal Bootscreen
- Driving Direction Indicators
- Tire tracks and tire dust Cargo
- Animated sun visor
- Installed Indoor Sound
- New indicators on Terminal
- Shift Able Mass script on arbeited
- New silage tank
- Camera Script Installed for better indoor view of Cargo
- Cabins Lighting Installed
- Cargo Attacher installed for SSW
- Installed Camera Work Script
- Changed Pipe Particel
- Pipe Adapted for Cargo
- The latest gear Version
- 1294 hp 4280 Nm of torque
- ...

MAN TGS18.540 MIG-Pack Changelog LS15:     v1.13 Beta      24.10.2015    Created Pack -
- XML ??recreated
- Added MAN TGS 18440 truck Arar
- Added Hawe Wechselbrücke Tande
- Added Hawe Wechselbrücke Tridem
- Added Amazone fertilizer spreaders
- Added Bergmann Häckselwagen
- Added Strautmann Manure spreader
- Added Fliegl TMK bulk structure
- Added Fliegl STF Güllefaß
- Added Zunhammer Zundisc Güllegrubber
- Added About Grimme loaders beets, potatoes
- Added Güstrower About loaders Grain
- Added Kotte tank
- Added Fliegl animal transport
- Duplicate textures away
- Tidy textures
- Reflectionen away
- Fixed flickering Decals
- Screen with various View Installed
- Diverse Model Changes
- Rear View Camera Installed
- Enhanced interior lighting
- Added Gearbox version
- Decals revised and amended
- Added indicators
- Passenger Script Installed
- Funke Installed
- Back attacher added + built model
- Installed tire pressure system
- TGS 18.440 rebuilt to 18,540
- Repositioned caddy supports
- Lighting adapted truck
- Latest gear Gearbox version
- Engine 647 hp 3000 Nm of torque
- Added icons for transmission Gearbox
- System support model fixed and re installed
- Fixed Indoor Sound -
- Fixed error with Decal Güstrower Wechselbruecke
- Adapted leadframe at Fliegel Wechselbruecke
- Grimme Wechselbruecke over arbeited
- Giants Patch 1.41 rdy
- ...
- Courseplay rdy (developer version)
- AutoCombine rdy
- DriveControl rdy
- GPS rdy


<<<<< Krone BigX BeastPack Projekt by Bullgore www.modhoster.de >>>>>

v12.0 April 2015
Upsidedown, xyzspain, JokobT, Johnny1980, Repi, Kyosho, Rafftnix, Biedens, Bullgore

v11.1 April 2014
by Bullgore, Kubo, JoakobT
- Schemas angepasst
- Attacher für SWW angepasst
- Attacher EasyFlow angepasst
- Optische Fehler behoben.( Sichtbare Achse )
- Fehler beim "zurücksetzen" behoben
- Maiseinzug PS EasyCollect angepasst
- Dolly ÜLW Scripte überarbeitet
- Dolly ÜLW Gewicht Ladung angepasst
- Dolly ÜLW kann nur noch leer zusammengeklappt werden
- Fahrverhalten BIGX komplett überarbeitet, Motor, Bremse, Federung, Schwerpunkt, Lenkung usw.


v11.0 Jun 2013/ April 2014
by Bullgore, Eribus, Biedens, Upsidedown, Kubo
- Patch Giants 2.1 rdy
- Sound Fehler behoben
- aiautocombine.lua dolly überarbeitet für Autocombine
- Waschbar, dauert 5 Stunden
- Odometer deaktiviert, gibt es Global siehe MIG-Map Pack
- Dirt Texturen erstellt
- Sound Fehler behoben
- Gewicht korrekt eingestellt, durch die Luft fliegen ist nun behoben
- XDisc Klee und Luzerne rdy
- Sound Lautstärke angepasst
- Allrad deaktiviert
- l10n Fehler behoben
- Ketten schweben nicht mehr
- I3D´s und XML aufgeräumt, umbenannt etc
- Shopdaten überarbeitet
- Probleme beim Rückwärtsfahren behoben
- Mauscontrol BigX vorerst deaktiviert
- Easyflow Scriptfix

V10 Feb 2013/ April 2013
- Neuen BigxX 1100 integriert von Johni6530
- Scripte verbaut Odometer,Gaslimiter,Indoorsound etc.
- Scripte überarbeitet
- Fahrverhalten neu angepasst
- Ketten BigX verbaut
- Zwillingsräder verbaut
- XML Tuning
- Textur von BigX etwas dunkler gestellt
- ...


Krone EasyFlow 380 eingebaut März 2013

Modell: Pille?!
AO / Textur: Pille?!
Scripts: milan1702976 (fs-uk.info)
Partikel-System: Eifok-Team
Tuning/Performance: Lordtex/Milan(fs-uk.info)
Tester: Ostsee75, Lindemann, Bullgore,Pille?!,Illuminated,FSM-Chefkoch
HomePage: http://www.modding-küche.de


Indoorcam tiefer gestellt
STX zum Einblenden verbaut
Gewicht erhöht

Hektarzähler verbaut

Lenkgeschwindigkeit gesenkt
Beschleunigung eingestellt
Fahrverhalten angepasst
Gewicht wie in LS11 eingestellt wg. Ülw
Sounds etwas überarbeitet
Powershaft installiert
Powershaft ÜLW Kabel verlängert
Kameraradius erhöht
HUD´s angepasst


Umbau Twinwheels April 2012:

>>> by Repi <<<
Urmodell: SFM-Modding
Neu aufbau: Repi
Script: SFM-Modding

- Neue Felgen mit neuer AO Textur
- Palette neu angepasst



Umbau Krone EasyCollect 1053 Jan2012:
>>> by Michi <<<
Umbau mit Fruitanimation: Michi
Umbau in neues EC:byBullgore
cam einbau Modhosterteam

Umbau SoundSet & Anpassung Motor: Knechi
ExaustPrticleSystem Edit: Knechti



Umbau Krone Häckselbunker Jan2012:

>>> by Repi <<<
Modell ITS26: cyber11
Umbau, Textur: Repi
Ingame, Animationen: Repi
Aufbau Script und LS11 rdy: sKyDaNcEr www.luackermann.de
Scripte: sven18koehler, fruktor, Sven777b

- komplett neuer Unterbau aufgebaut auf den Agroliner ITS26 (dank an cyber11 @eifok-team.de)
- komplett neue AO Texturen und Decals (Repi)
- Häckselbunker komplett neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- komplett neue Animationen (Repi)
- I3D komplett neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- XML neu strukturiert (Repi)
- cam einbau Modhosterteam

Umbau Krone XDisc6200 Jan2012:

Urmodell: raptor
Teil neuaufbau: Repi
Neue AO Textur & Decals: Repi
Ingame & Animationen: Repi
Scripte: Sven777b, Alex2009, Ellinor Ström

>>> by Repi <<<
- Modell teilweise neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- Neue AO Textur mit Decals (Repi)
- I3D neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- XML neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- Animationen eingefügt (Repi)
Umbau Krone BigX1100 Beast Dez2011 / Jan2012:

>>> by Repi & Bullgore <<<
Modell: Giants
Modell umbau, neue AO und Decals: Repi
Animationen neu angepasst: Repi
Scripte: Face, Alex2009, Sven777b, John Deere 6930, fruktor

- Modell komplett neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- Neue AO Textur mit Decals (Repi)
- I3D neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- XML neu aufgebaut (Repi)
- Animationen neu eingefügt (Repi)
- Joystick by BlackFox, AO Textur Joystick by Repi
- Lua´s verbaut, XML Tuning by Bullgore

>>> by Alex2009(www.alex2009.de, www.mra-modding.de) <<<
- GreenStar Einbau überarbeitet
- GreenStar auf V1.1 geupdatet

  • Dj6310
    2015-10-25 18:56
    attention ce pack plante le jeux apres la mise a jour 1.4.1
  • Blg


    2015-10-26 00:43
    merci pour le renseignement je l'ai pris mais je suis resté avec la 1.3
  • Mariusz
    2015-10-26 17:43
    u mnie ten mod niedziala
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