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Krone BigX 1100 Full Pack, Original Colours v1.0
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Krone BigX 1100 Full Pack, Original Colours v1.0

Introducing the Krone BigX full pack in the original colours. All the cutters will let this BigX work slighlty faster for you. The BigX has higher torque with lower RPM and will pull larger capacity trailers whilst harvesting.

 Unzip the pack to gain access to the 5 other zip files, 1 for each of the machines. Store Pictures are all included of the new machines. Prices are much lower than the originals. Have fun.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Smitty
    2014-12-17 10:53
    BOB ON FELLA big thumbs up.....im going to be cheeky though and ask for a request...could you make this have an internal storage on the krone...it works as sweet as a nut really fast collection also...i've downloaded a krone with internal storage on and attached your easy collect to they bond well...but it would be great if this krone also had a 30,000 tank capacity also ......merry christmas and again well done...if not though, i'm as happy as a pig in shit mate with this beast
  • Guest
    2014-12-17 11:46
    I'll have a look at that Smitty.
  • Smitty
    2014-12-17 12:23
    sorry to bother again but what map are you using in the picture
  • Guest
    2014-12-17 13:51
    The BIGX with 60000 Capacity is in the upload que now Smitty. The map is Westbridge but I'm slowly working through it all with new textures.
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