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Krone BigX 1100 with 60000 Capacity v1.1
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Krone BigX 1100 with 60000 Capacity v1.1

Introducing the Krone BigX in the original colours. This is from the modpack but a standalone with 60000 capacity on board so you can harvest without towing a trailer behind it. The BigX has higher torque with lower RPM and will pull larger capacity trailers whilst harvesting. The fuel consumption has also been lower slightly. This is for you Smitty.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Exxer
    2014-12-17 16:30
    biggest bullshit ever !!!
  • Smitty
    2014-12-17 18:25
    top job fella extreamly grateful thankyou...if i could mod id return the favour..im only just getting to grips with modding the maps...im a bulk farm driver for you know who company so im on farms every day if you need any thing in return.with many thanks,smitty
  • Guest
    2014-12-17 18:39
    No problem Smitty, Mod works superb.
  • Smitty
    2014-12-17 19:05
    it works a treat...like a steam train collecting it lol
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