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Krone BigX full pack v1.0
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Krone BigX full pack v1.0

Introducing the Krone BigX full pack, all with a fresh new colour pack. All the cutters will let this BigX work slighlty faster for you. The BigX has higher torque with lower RPM and will pull larger capacity trailers whilst harvesting.

Unzip the pack to gain access to the 5 other zip files, 1 for each of the machines. Store Pictures are all included of the new machines. Prices are much lower than the originals. Have fun.

Originals by Giants, Mods by Stevie.

  • Smitty
    2014-12-16 23:17
    good mod but........be better with original colour though.....bit too sickly as it is
  • Guest
    2014-12-16 23:24
    Thanks SMITTY will release the original colour in a few days. Are you Smitty1203 who did the lightbar mod tutorial?
  • Smitty
    2014-12-17 02:55
    Your welcome and looking forward to it cheers....no im not....just plain smitty lol...
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