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Krone BigX11 with Dynamic twin fronts whels pack v1.0
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Krone BigX11 with Dynamic twin fronts whels pack v1.0

Here is the Krone BigX11 with twin Dynamic front wheels, 60000 Capacity, Low rear trailer hitch fitted so it will pull many different trailers, new colour scheme, Road speed limited 34kmh, havesting speed with supplied cutters 18 - 25 KMH depending on cutter used. Oversized Xdisc and Easyflow cutters. Extra rear beacon lights, roof aerials, Steering, torque, RPM and brakes tweaked, steering wheel rotation speed reduced, dyeable wheels on the BigX11, Easy flow and oversized trailer. Prices roughly half price of the originals in the store. Washable and Multiplayer Yes.

1 Zip just place into your MOD folder.

Original By Giant's, Mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2015-01-18 16:58
    Sorry about the Typo in the title.
  • Guest
    2015-01-18 21:44
    That ok Stevie.Thanks for another great mod.I have added to my collection of your mods.
  • Guest
    2015-01-18 22:00
    Stevie,You do great work, and love the mods. THANKS!
  • Nick
    2015-01-19 00:14
    Thanks one more time Stevie! Works perfect!
  • Guest
    2015-01-19 00:25
    Thanks guy's.
  • Farmer
    2015-01-19 09:23
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