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Krone BIGXtreme HDR Dyeable pack v1.4
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Krone BIGXtreme HDR Dyeable pack v1.4

V1.4 30mb zip for all machines.

Ok first up  sorry for the epic fail of V1.3 I rushed it and completely messed the whole thing up.

V1.4 new model, new script instead of using the old one. New clean HDR diffuse textures for all machines. New rear hitch design BIGX and trailer collision colliding should not happen which was making the old ones jump around. Trailer movement angle is 15 80 80, Front wheel twin drive is ditched and  both the standard and extreme BigX's have front and rear drive so they won't gget stuck like the old ones.

In the pack is:
BigXtreme with power to pull trailers, 47kmh road speed, 40000 on board capactity plus whatever the trailer capacity is added on top. 2000 per sec overloading, Aerials and extra beacon lights. Twin Dynamic front wheels with tracks and particles. HDR dyeable body textures abd new Decal colors.
BigX looks like the xtreme but has standard power and no onboard capacity, 43kmh standard road speed.
Xdisc Wide, HDR dyeable texture.
Xdisc standard width with HDR dyeable texture.
Cutter trailer for standard Xdisc with HDR dyeable texture.
Easy Flow 300 wide with HDR dyeable texture.
Lastly the Easy Collect 1053 with HDR dyeable texture.

All are priced cheaper to buy than the original shop items and are washable and multiplayyer ok.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Ty352fg
    2015-05-05 18:11
    Thank you Stevie, cant wait to try them out.Ty
  • Firez34
    2015-05-05 18:13
    Ok Ty let me know I wragged them around for a few hours now and they are behaving although I don't tow 2 trailers behind like you do.
  • Cwj108
    2015-05-05 18:28
    Thanks stevie!
  • Dmac08
    2015-05-05 19:44
    Yet another CRAP MOD by this modder.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-05 20:11
    DMAC08 tell it to some who cares!
  • Jtman
    2015-05-06 00:54
    Some of stevie's earlier stuff was way unrealistic.. however the last couple months he has included items in his packs that are both a bit much and close to realistic. Now that he does this.. I am liking most of his stuff.. I dont know why U would call it crap DMAC08
  • Farmboy002
    2015-05-06 05:18
    I think it is a really nice mod, I uploaded a photo of my test drive of the mod.Nice work Steve......
  • Ty352fg
    2015-05-06 08:39
    This works much much better, thanks for adjusting these Stevie! I love it.Ty
  • Rdkjaer
    2015-05-06 11:51
    I like your mods Stevie :) Keep at it and thank you
  • Harpyan
    2015-05-06 12:33
  • Blg


    2015-05-07 09:53
    genial comme mods merci bcp
  • Cbolin2
    2015-11-14 04:53
    your mods are excellent, no issues, they run about as good as " stock game content" very smooth and no "acting up" thanks for all the super cool stuff.
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