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Krone Easy Collect 3053 v1.0
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Krone Easy Collect 3053 v1.0

this is my first mod for the LS15.
The Type 3053 is fictitious and hat no real role model.

This bit I have rebuilt from Giant, now it is about 16.8 meters wide.
The odd new Klapanimation, as well as the catchment animation has been adjusted.

Outside were no Colys installed for various reasons, thus the Häkseln works with Play Course also.

In a second version, I would like the whole embellish anything, but can you häkseln way.

Cost: 86,000 euros
Maintenance: 150 euro per day

The file simply slide into the mod folder and you're done.
Multiplayer should be compatible, but I have not tested.

wish Happy Häkseln, suggestions or requests I fully welcome.

You must spread the love part, but only with the original DL link and with my name as the builder.

Giant, FUSEL

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