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Krone Emsland replica v3.3
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Krone Emsland replica v3.3

It is still Runge trailer added with hinged stanchions. The stanchions are turned down and there are boards created, then you can load the trailer with the winch. The logs can pull up on the boards. Up to five or six logs so you get to the winds, very realistic, hoisted. The Runge followers are now slightly wider.

Here I have a replica of the crown Emsland from the LS 13 were all parts of the trailer rebuilt completely. An attempt was made ??to reproduce the essential parts of Krone Emsland original as possible. There were a few changes: greater payload, 11000 liters, through the higher Borwände. Can three sides tipping.
All standard fruits can be loaded.
tire tracks
Full lighting system
Price 5900 LS

Modell: Gnescher, Reifen original Giants
Textur: Gnescher
Idee / Konzept:

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