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Krone Emsland Ulw v1.1
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Krone Emsland Ulw v1.1

ROS crown Emsland Überladewagen
For transporting and decant
(Also fills fertilizers u. Sowing when installed as fillType
eg SeedMaster; not the normal trigger)
Emsland 1Achser from my Emsland-pack to overcharge and dolly.

May invite:
Chopped silage grass hay straw manure mixed feed barley oats rye spelled wheat corn rape seed fertilizer lime wood chips
11400l / price 8888 / daily. 8
Pure fantasy product's face it, not loads better.

Dear people,
Since you rebuilding the following mods did not trust me,
because I built it for the same parts of Giants models like another similar car and its i3d (since the Giants Brantner) is also similar, I have this mod from my crown Emsland Pack rebuilt just to show that the idea enough alone and I otherwise the hinkriege alone ... please excuse this text, but as an adult to get here sometimes like in kindergarten before, sorry.

WARNING log entries only when a built-in hanger crop is not installed on your map.
Which are then inevitable and do not affect the game and also fill the log not to infinity.

Rosenthaler, Giants

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