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Krone Premos 5000 v1.0 Beta
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Krone Premos 5000 v1.0 Beta

By Premos 5000 Krone offers first pellet-harvesting, can be produced directly in the field with the Halmgutpellets. This allows renewable agricultural raw materials and secondary raw materials are useful used for energy, thus helping to reduce CO? Emissions.
The machine works very energy efficient: To produce the pellets is in the field is compared to the common stationary Pelletierern only half as much energy needed. In addition, thanks to the harvesting principle of logistical expenses (pellets directly from the field) is very low, since the otherwise complex process chain (bale presses, load, transport, unload, store, pellet) is omitted.

The pellets must ALWAYS be overloaded

Weight: 13 t
Bunker: 9000 l
Working width: 2.40 m
Operating speed: 5 km / h
Cost per day: € 110
Sale price: € 190,000
Requires Power: 400 hp
Connection: PTO
Fruit collection: all Halmsorten grass, straw ...

Model / ingame: Tackleberry

Credits: script: Marhu
Suggestions: commentators and crew / marhu.net

Modell: Tackleberry
Textur: Tackleberry
Script: marhu
Idee / Konzept: Tackleberry
Tester: Farmer Andy

  • Bad nod
    2016-06-14 01:34
    its a junk mod throws errors needs a little more work done to it
  • Bad mod
    2016-06-14 01:35
    its a junk mod throws errors needs a little more work done to it....
  • Anonymous
    2016-06-14 02:30
    Yeh i've had a few bad nod's once in a while too.. haha This mod does seem interesting though, error's can be fixed. :)
  • @anonymous
    2016-06-14 07:23
    yes errors can be fixed but when u have a pile of mods getting worked of u have to kind of leave the good mods behind..yes this is a good mod and i was using it its one of the best i have seen...
  • @anonymous
    2016-06-14 07:25
    hear is some john deer cotton harvesters ones has been total rebuilt and the other two are just for fun and games enjoy the mods.... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fqvzgv2q38vwspe/AAAMOopAGoM2t32dO0iMiNhDa?dl=0i have tried to upload to mod hub but they wont upload them for some reason
  • Peepeepantspete
    2016-06-14 07:25
    Soo, what do we do with the "pellets"?
  • Symbob
    2016-06-14 11:26
    I don't get the point of this mod. When it's overloaded it's just straw in the trailer. The machine turns straw in to pellets, but then it's just straw in the trailer!! What would make more sense is if it were to output these pellets as woodchips that could be sold at biomass sell points.
  • Cristina
    2016-06-14 21:23
    Tested this and was impressed, been watching th e build and have to say its just as good as the real deal, the comment above mentions woodchip to bio well the premos5000 does have the option to make it to bio plant and it does work and for those that have problems with this just remember it states its a BETA version means room for improvement
  • Symbob
    2016-06-14 21:49
    Have to agree with Cristina that this mod does look and work excellently, except for the fact that all I get in the trailer is straw. Really looking forward to the next version of this mod to see how it progresses.
  • Boke
    2016-06-14 22:11
    Works perfect for me with no errors. Those with errors must have a "mod conflict " going on. Press LEFT-Shift + A for woodchips , which is then what you'll get when its full ( 9000 L ). Excellent mod.
  • Symbob
    2016-06-14 23:00
    I must be blind (or stupid) as I missed the options to select output, possibly because they only appear after the machine has started picking up crop. So it now does exactly what I wanted it to do. The only issue I have now is that when its set to output woodchips the hopper doesn't empty. The trailer fills as expected but the hopper of premos5000 stays at 9000l and just keeps filling trailers even though it is not moving or working.
  • Symbob
    2016-06-14 23:08
    Everything works perfectly when outputting straw or silage (biomasse) but the hopper stays full when set to woodchips. Not a mod conflict as I've tried it with only this in my mod folder and still get the same problem. This is a really excellent mod but still has a few kinks to iron out, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the next version.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-06-15 07:02
    Hi All...Yes I agree it is a very good Mod, works well. It gives a way to to pick up one product, (wheat or Barley windrow) then convert the load to 3 different products (Forage, Silage, & WoodChips) or keep the original load as is. When finished loading (before unloading) simply hit (left shift + ( W or A or D ) to select one of the products. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-06-15 07:13
    From Above....I would like to see a better speed when operating. When I tried the operation I could only get the unit to go at 3 MPH ( slow) (fall asleep), I changed the file speed to 15 from 10, but this made no change, I switched Tractors and the speed went up to 6 MPH, but this is still to slow.. So it would be great yo get a better operating Speed. Bob
  • Vbluguitar
    2016-06-15 20:32
    Thought this would help a bit - seems like the big deal with this unit is its ability to make "woodchips" (pellets) on the fly. People that use pellet burners to heat their homes will use these as fuel - in game it would be the bio heating plant. Here is the info from Krones website - http://landmaschinen.krone.de/english/news/agritechnica-news/krone-presents-the-worlds-first-pellet-harvester/
  • Wolf42
    2016-06-18 15:18
    idiotas de anonymous não sabe nada de mods ou nã sabe lehrmof funciona bem claro que tem apetar a tecla certo. carregando bem no teiler bio mischfutter etc. so lento e pouco espaço no tanke.
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