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Krone Swadro2000 Dyeable by Stevie V1.5
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Krone Swadro2000 Dyeable by Stevie V1.5

Krone Swadro2000 with dyeable color Selection, upto 25kmh operating speed.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Wandering farmhand
    2015-10-31 04:32
    still with no towing hitch to tow a tedder or bailer. which is what players have been requesting, these types of tools with tow hitches. smh.
  • Wandering farmhand
    2015-10-31 04:36
    is it possible for thes etypes of towing tools to get tow hitches so you can tow a tool with the tool instead of making 14 trips with 5 different towing tools. to be specific, mower on front of tractor > tractor tows tedder > tedder tows windrower> windrower tows bailer > bailer tows bail trailer. i can do everything except the tedder towing the windrower. please some one make a wide swath tedder that will tow a windrower please?
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