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Krone TX460D and TX560D v1.0
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Krone TX460D and TX560D v1.0

Hello LS Com.,
Here we present you the Irish crown TX Pack.
There are in pack of tridem and tandem available.
Washable, tire tracks, lift axle, Animated side door
Adjustable drawbar, scraper floor and regulating rollers animation

Ingame: Krone TX460D
Price: € 97,815
Volume: 46,000 l
Fruit type: Hächkselgut
Leistungsedarf: 130 hp
Daily Cost: € 90
Ingame: Krone TX560D
Price 134,000 €
Volume: 56,000 l
Fruit type: Hächkselgut
Leistungsedarf: 160 hp
Daily Cost: € 90
Model: DerBachl
Texture: DerBachl
Ingame: Mr.Deez

Rights and released
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The mod may not be re-uploaded without permission!
Permission is granted to the original Mod with Download Link to publish!
If you should find any errors, it writes here purely!
Please visit our Homepage http://mtmmodding.com/

DerBachl & Mr.Deez (MTM Modding)

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