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Krone ZX 450 GL v3.0
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Krone ZX 450 GL v3.0

Since it annoyed me that no crown more loader wagons are available in LS15 I have the miner Carex umgeskinnt and made some additional changes.

What was done zusätlich:
Doubled collecting speed
Reflections and reflections removed completely
Load volume increased to 43,000 liters as original
Set performance requirements as original 160 hp
In addition to grass and straw can now silage, chopped and wood chips are loaded
Tire and wheel chocks built into the mod

Who wants to use the original grass and straw recordings please open the Krone_ZX_450GL.xml and delete the line 71: <fillScale value = "2"> </ fillScale> and then he recollected the usual amount.
Known issue: For me it was not possible to remove from the file bergmannDecal_specular.dds the lettering Carex 38S. Therefore, one can easily see this as a contour under the new lettering ZX 450 GL when the sun shines directly on it. If someone of you is able to eliminate this so he should please contact me. Thank you
If you discover errors, requests or change have so write me a message or look at www.modding.welt.com over.

Giants für den original Ladewagen

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