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Kubota MT35GX with Side Mount Mower  v1
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Kubota MT35GX with Side Mount Mower v1

This is Kubota an edit of an existing tractor created by vasilisvasilis31, Fr3ak, converted to FS15 from FS13 by ENG51INE, and the Ferri TPE EVO created by HoFFi. Like many American tractors used by municipalities for mowing the sides of roads and highways, this tractor has the mower unit attached to the right side and counter weights added to the left. The mower is unfolded by the “x” button and activated by the “b” button. The front loader attacher works independently of the mower as well.

Edited and tractor conversion by ENG51INE
Tractor- vasilisvasilis31 and Fr3ak
Ferri TPE EVO- HoFFi

  • Mowerguy
    2016-06-13 19:26
    Can you build this on a New Holland t7550 please????
  • Eng51ine
    2016-06-14 05:01
    Really?? I just released this and you uploaded it here again????
  • Kyfarmer
    2016-07-15 23:27
    how do you install the mod?
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