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Kuhn Krause 5635 v1.0
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Kuhn Krause 5635 v1.0

Kuhn Krause 5635
Working Width: 15.5m
Function: cultivator
Price: 58900


Model: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Texture: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Script: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Idea / Concept: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Testing: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)

  • Guest
    2016-04-27 23:46
    these are joes piece of shit leftover mods. so people hail him for releasing sloppy second rate shit.
  • you people bitch about good models bad models WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY
  • Best
    2016-04-28 01:22
    best mods ever!
  • Community is trash
    2016-04-28 01:47
    Some people really cannot appreciate what they get, which is most of the community. Its sad that this is what the community has come to.
  • Jim


    2016-04-28 02:11
    Thanks for sharing Joe. Really enjoying this cultivator. Excellent work my friend!!!
  • Joe lindberg eats dick
    2016-04-28 03:00
    He should have just called this mod "Lindbejb's Mouth" 'cause it sucks cock
  • Guest
    2016-04-28 03:05
    haha this site attracts all the pieces of shit. Keep it up joe!
  • Tom


    2016-04-28 04:42
    I cannot get this download to work, it stops at 18/44mb. I have tried on different browsers and other mods download just fine. Please fix this because I have been waiting a long time for a nice double fold cultivator with hitch
  • Tom


    2016-04-28 05:15
    Had to download from a different site but I got it. I like the wing flex. Very nice cultivator. The only thing I would change would be how the wings fold up slightly when the cultivator is lifted out of the ground.
  • Butt hurt childs!
    2016-04-28 13:51
    If you don't like Joe's work, then leave it alone. You don't have to persist. You're all just butt hurt that you can't make half decent mods!
  • Thanks jos
    2016-04-28 14:23
    Thanks Joe
  • @ name
    2016-04-28 15:58
    @ name, go fuck yourself dude, the great thing about this country is freedom speech. so take your butt hurt comment about people keeping their comments to themselves elsewhere. in this country we are free to express our opinions. and my opinion is i don't need or want joes sloppy seconds, piece of shit mods he releases when he's moved onto bigger and better mods. cause thats all he releases is what he's done with.
  • Guest
    2016-04-28 16:03
    @ butt hurt childs......laughing my big fat ass off. i'm hurt because i can't make half decent mods? guess what? i don't want to make mods. i don't even try to make mods. i don't even have GE or anything but the game on my computer. i've been playing the game since it first came out and all i've ever done is play the game and download what is released. butt hurt i am not. this keeping mods private is bullshit.
  • Joe can tongue my bung
    2016-04-28 21:21
    That about wraps it up, joe lindeberg and all his nut-huggers can tongue my bung
  • Private is private!
    2016-04-29 01:04
    @ Guest, A private mod is private! You clearly don't seem to care about the author. If you were a modder and spent half or more of your time making mods, would you want people stealing them and pasting them with their own name? No, I didn't think so. If I were you I'd wipe my little ass attitude up and suck it up. If you want his mods so bad try GE or Blender and make mods yourself.
  • Gsb
    2016-04-29 04:09
    Hey guys would you please quit giving this 12 year old pipsqueak attention that's exactly why he is here cause he gets no attention at home. Lets just enjoy Joe's great mods and ignore the hatter.
  • Private is private
    2016-04-29 04:37
    i clearly don't seem to care about the author? gee ya think? your as smart as a bucket of bolts. the author can go rot in a hole and die for all i care. who said i wanted his mods? what he releases are his sloppy seconds piece of shit mods he doesn't use or care about anymore. as soon as he moves onto to better stuff then he releases the garbage to ass bags like yourself.
  • Gsb


    2016-04-29 04:38
    Hey guys would you please quit giving this 12 year old pipsqueak attention that's exactly why he is here cause he gets no attention at home. Lets just enjoy Joe's great mods and ignore the hatter.............
  • Gsb nibbles weenies
    2016-04-29 05:37
    GSB stands for Gotta Suck Balls
  • George
    2016-04-29 05:43
    I got the beater bar to work but this wont show up in game
  • To all the bitches
    2016-04-29 18:10
    awesome mod thank you for your time and sharing it with everyone. some people just need to grow up and grow a set of nuts. they sit here and bitch and complaint about everything you do (joe).
  • Useless hate comments...
    2016-04-30 00:09
    The only reason people are posting hate comments is to get attention. Honestly, grow the fuck up and move on. If you don't like these mods, there's no need to leave a comment. Especially if all you're doing is making yourself look like a dipshit 12 year old crying about nothing.
  • Mike
    2016-05-17 07:52
    wow! who rages on a farming game? do they rage quit as well? i guess this joe fella pissed off someone enough to make em rage on a farming game web site lol. too funny.
  • Name
    2016-06-06 03:07
    I downloaded this mod and put it into my mod folder went into the game and bought it. I looked at it and it is just white with no colour. can anyone help thanks
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