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Kuhn Sitera 3000 wide twinpack v1.2 Final
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Kuhn Sitera 3000 wide twinpack v1.2 Final

V1.2 Final No Errors.

Kuhn Sitera 3000 twin pack, double the standard working width, 16000 capacity/2000ps fillrate, 25kmh operating speed. HDR textures, Takes all standard game fruit types and uses direct planting. Washable and multiplayer Yes. 10000 to buy with 10 daily cost's. 1 9.5mb zip.

Original by Giant's Mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2015-02-13 17:44
    Another mod by Stevie for my collection of his great mods.Thankyou
  • Guest
    2015-02-22 15:44
  • Mohammed
    2015-02-27 11:11
    HI.I CAN not instaling mod .why???please help me to instaling mod
  • Wayne
    2015-03-29 15:14
    hey man no one on here will help u r do nothing for u shit they don't try to fax nothing r look at what u got to say .
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