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Kuhn Spvxxl Red  V1
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Kuhn Spvxxl Red V1


Technische gegevens:
Filll evel:      36000 liter.
Prijs:          €199.995
Fruittype:   forage, forage_mixing, grass_windrow, dryGrass_windrow, silage, wheat, barley, maize, rape, sugarBeet, potato.

LS15 Wheels.
Variabele Fruit Plane.
Self Loading.

Changed the color to default red not sure why the heck people builds example a (KUHN) peice of equipment and go change from the manufactor colors this is all iv done to this mod
oh and tweeked Tq a little

Modell: Giants/ EJBModding.
Textur: Giants/ EJBModding.
Script: Giants/ EJBModding.
Idee / Konzept: Giants/ EJBModding.
Thunderhawk09: Color Changed

  • Thawk09
    2016-04-25 04:52
    Fyi store Picture was not changed I should have But Got in a hurry and forgot too
  • Christopher
    2016-04-25 13:50
  • Ejbmodding
    2016-05-08 12:03
    Stolen mod real bad edit.
  • Thawk09
    2016-05-08 17:17
    Ejbmodding Cry baby cry baby
  • Rose
    2016-07-13 05:11
    I just love how people say every mod is "Stolen" Fact is once it's out on the web it's fair game - as long as you dont have to pay for it- therefore it cannot be stolen if credits are given.
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