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Kuhn SPW 25 v1
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Kuhn SPW 25 v1

Hello Dear Community,

Some of you know me from my first one probably already Mod, the Kuhn profiles is 1880 indeed arrived safely.
I'm here now to Kuhn SPW 25 From 112TEC | schwaki for you.

What has been changed to the original Mod?
Yes I just like my Kuhn profiles, just the Mod extent changed that he can cereals and root crops with blending. Of course, a percentage display is also available for this.

Multiplayer capability is available.
Log is error-free

Man now needs to make a mixture, because you can not feed the grain separately. This corresponds to the extent even of reality, because since you do eig always a mixture.

what i means:
Silage, grass, hay and straw bales and loose straw and grass can be pur verteillt by car without right mix so
However, once you want to mix grain and root crops with you have to make a right mix.

The release is available for this mod.

Giants, 112TEC|schwaki, JohnDeereFreak94

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