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Kujawska Poland Map v1.0 Beta
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Kujawska Poland Map v1.0 Beta

The Kujawska map forms part of the small town Kujawska from Poland.
Here is the modified version of our player community grain GmbH.
Approval by the creator of the changes and uploading is naturally occurring.
Future versions will be with the creator of the Urmap together with our player community
Cereals GmbH developed.
There will be versions with and without grain GmbH branding.
We enjoyed the map which relates to the landscape just do not let go of what then was the reason to adapt it to our needs.
We thought that we should not deprive the map of Modhoster community and ask you. Constructive criticism and the odd idea for further development
The map is in BETA phase and has NOT interfere with or texture error but the game itself.
We still looking for players age 20 years :) :) if interested just write in this way even the hint a message to me.

Now back to the map:
It is NOT a multi-fruit Map because I am afraid that is the multi-fruit thing just lead to chaos as in LS13.
Installed are the standard fruit.
There are decent money for root crops but which is further modified versions.
Installed, the water mod that lime slurry manure mod, grasslands can be fertilized.
The composting of Marhu is also Installed.
The beet Schnitzler of Marhu can also be found on the map.
The slurry manure purchase of zatoxx to this you can also sell compost!.
The slurry storage by Andy1978 is also included.
On animals are currently only cows included!.
The stables were exchanged through the stable of'd like farmer.
The feed store of LS-Andy is installed on the farm.
A camp for beets and potatoes Filled this is at the BGA two bearings at the yard with beets and potatoes so that the beet Schnitzler can be easily filled.
The BGA is filled with trailers.
On the BGA area is a large area of freed for the factory http://www.modhoster.de/mods/fabrik-fur-dunger-futter-diesel-und-energie

What is needed is the GülleMistKalk Mod and Water Mod and Mod Pack for Silomaster
An upload this version of the map on other portals is not permitted without prior consultation!
So I hope I have not forgotten anything except you want us to constructive criticism and suggestions have fun and maybe looks so times one or the other on our server for a game over :)
The map is available as a direct download because Uploaded really bugs me without premium and I think about you as well :)
Oh and spelling errors found you may like to keep :)

Getreide GmbH Spielergemeinschaft
The MasteR Team
Enthalten sind Mods und Gebäude von:
Marhu,möchtegernbauer,zatoxx, Andy1978,Funky
Falls ich jemanden vergessen habe bitte melden.

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