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Kukurydziana map v1.0
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Kukurydziana map v1.0

Map has:
- Big cornfield
- Silos for qq
- Biogas plants which sell ensiled qq prohibitions
- Respect my job and not spend elsewhere, please and you will get something more interesting :)
- Do not change your link
- Do not Impersonating


  • Name
    2015-10-27 23:33
    what is the password for the map when i downloaded it it asks me for a password
  • Rgssan
    2015-10-28 01:07
    what is the password? please. I would love to see this map.I thank you.Best regards!
  • Henk
    2015-10-29 15:12
    what is the password????
  • Piotrz
    2015-10-30 20:28
    Nie podam hasła!
  • Farmer mark
    2015-11-01 18:56
    what is the password?because i cant coming in the mapand by my to ask the program on a password
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