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Kverneland 5Schaar with BrenigPacker v1.0
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Kverneland 5Schaar with BrenigPacker v1.0

Here I offer a Kverneland 5Schaar remodeling.
Pack consists of
Kverneland 5 Schaar
Brenig packer
700kg Suer weight with front triangle
The packer is transported with the accompanying weight to field. (It now and to come that the packer does not really depend on the weight. It soon wirds provide an update.)
The textures are to be matched in the next version better aufeinandere
For suggestions I am open.
Have fun with the mod.
It is not allowed the mod on other sites upload new. (Please keep the original link)

Sonstige: Agrarservice-SHS/ Julian McCloud/ GASEK01/ Jukka/ GIANTS Software

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