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Kverneland LB 85 100 Variomat v1.1
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Kverneland LB 85 100 Variomat v1.1

Hello LS community!

Version 1.1
Neue Bezeichnung EG V 85/100,Textur neu gepfuscht mit Paint.net ;-), neues Storebild, Gewicht auf 2300 Kg erhöht, Zip aufgeräumt usw.

Today I add you a Kverneland LB 85/100 6 Schar Vario available.
It is only the original Amazone Cayron only Kverneland skin.
I know that it is the very original "Kverneland" Skin is not and likewise should he make fun (I definitely).
Ls 15 Standard (Washable)
Have fun with it !

Giants, my self

  • Smitty
    2015-11-04 01:53
    spot on....great mod and work
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