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Corn Capital Customs L9000 Final
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Corn Capital Customs L9000 Final

I present to you Corn Capital Customs L9000. This is for all the people who got the boot, who maybe never commented and were silent yet respected the group and got the boot because of it. If you read any conversation the admins are involved in, they seem to think they are the kings of the world and put anyone down who is beneath them. They are childish and this is why I'm posting this mod. They a long with the younger generation are ruining this community. The mod was once available to anyone in the group, and I feel that once a mod is public, it should be made available to everyone. Enough of these private groups, it's just making the community even worse. 

Corn Capital Customs
Original Model
Ventures87 (wendi)
Jon (cascadia)
Conversion to fs 2013
conversion to fs 2015
Bart Manning/JRD84

  • Name
    2015-12-03 16:25 Send message
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    I'm familiar with this group, they are a bunch of no goods, they are some of the same people that were all removed from AIM, and you're correct they do think they are better then anyone else....
  • Dan


    2015-12-04 02:34 Send message
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    Thanks for sharing this great mod. Please release more of these bratty little shits stuff.
  • Punisher
    2015-12-04 04:38 Send message
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    You dont even know who I am. I could be in the group right now and you wouldnt even know it. :)
  • Smart fs member
    2015-12-04 20:42 Send message
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    PHM/CCC/CFM should just realize that their past will always follow them even if they try to change their names, and that their admins will still release their mods
  • Gord
    2015-12-05 01:00 Send message
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    Thanks, for sharing. That's what a community does. Hoarding mods and teasing outsiders with pictures is not a true community. God bless you. If you have anything else you would like to share you will be in my prayers. Whoever your God is they would teach to share and be graceful.
  • Guest
    2015-12-05 02:21 Send message
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    Travis you must be new to the world of jrd and phm, give it time you'll figure out why no one likes them. and the 4455 tractor was a 13 mod.
  • Punisher
    2015-12-05 02:31 Send message
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    The ironic thing, CCC did this "purge" to rid their group of people that where inactive, and to keep their mods safe on their lil group..... how'd that work out for ya's? Huh? Failed big time. In an attempt to preserve their group and keep things private they essentially screwed themselves, you guys did this to yourselves. thankfully I was never in that group.
  • Jim


    2015-12-08 04:07 Send message
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    Love this truck. Thanks for the upload. I have an idea. You guys in them private groups...Get them mods and upload them. Everyone of them on here.
  • Lll


    2015-12-09 04:51 Send message
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    thanks for the truck Corn hole customs
  • Yahoooo
    2015-12-09 04:54 Send message
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    just wait till i get my website going it will shut all u worthless people down that dont like to share mods
  • Kevin enfinger
    2015-12-13 06:00 Send message
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    i got new for them this truck has been in my mod folder for a year randy hutchens and roger stanly originally broght this truck over
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