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La Vallee Des Angles V2
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La Vallee Des Angles V2

hello welcome in the valley angles V2 is a map drois shoot all of you to my imagination invented the screw that goes with.

LFV Modding

  • Anon
    2015-11-26 23:17
    not to knock anyone who mods....but f*ck sake just by looking at the pics i think your screw fell f*cking out to make that load of shite......whats the craic with the buildings a mix match c'mon....it looks awful.....and no i havnt wasted space to test it....
  • Mayberry redneck
    2015-11-27 00:41
    Anon you little twerp quit looking in the mirror and look at the map when you criticize these maps these guys put out. The pictures look really good so you can't be looking at them. I haven't downloaded yet so I won't say map is good or bad.
  • Luc


    2015-11-27 01:25
    Hey le bozo essaie de faire mieux si té capable sinon ferme donc ta gueule
  • Anon
    2015-11-27 01:55
    youve all probably had mine downloaded and in your hardrives at some point.....it really doesnt look like a farm and i cant stand maps that dont represent farms.....whats the point..if your going to do it....do it right..you are all so polite too lol....bozo....twerp....what time warp did you both fall out of...hahahha
  • Anon
    2015-11-27 11:39
    advice?i was a criticising the map...look at the pictures..as i said not knocking the effort just the state of it...and if you need to scroll through for advice and not go on the pictures to make your own mind up...thats pathetic...just following the flock lol....but also to leave a comment you are also pathetic to join in...again following the flock...
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