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Labboens v1.0 Beta
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Labboens v1.0 Beta

This Is an alpha version of the most important things are installed, not completed, including optical error!
Good day and God dag from the area around Norway - specifically from Labboens!

Labboens is a quiet Doerflein with a high number of culturally enthusiastic farmers who go on their Hautphof the Activity after which they can best go to:
Be a farmer.
Many questions therefore how does Labboens from?
It's easy pipapo with great certainty.

Makes himself an impression and get to know you life from a different angle of the eye!
In compiling the map I have used on different maps / buildings / objects. The detailed list of the various modders / creator represents such a large surplus labor that I unfortunately can not fulfill this request.
However, I would like to meet me at Boje93 specifically for the road network thank Vertexdezign with Niggels939 for the Holzhausenmap whose objects and scripts from Xentro! (News - VertexDezign)

Our thanks also go to all the other modders which unfortunately I can not name. Should you find your work, please send me a message and you will be taken forthwith communicate with!
Also, I would like me like to thank r_sonic, Toers, Sideshow and silver, which have taken me to prepare the map under the arms.
Thank you for downloading and have fun in the unfortunately unfinished Map - stay Tuned!

Why do I release now?
LS 2015 binds me anymore as it did its predecessor. This map is a project that is too good to throw away and still unfinished for fun. Anyone who wants to can at the mention of my hand, lead in the credits the map on and republish, I'm just a favor and not annoying me with Pn's order approving this the. Mods are a public good and everyone should be allowed to operate on the parts, otherwise you need not to publish anything.

bvbjotty (diesdaspipapo.de)
Objekte: Vertexdezign (Niggels939, Xentro)
Boje93, diverse andere

  • Joel
    2015-04-06 21:54
    vivement quelle soit fini elle est magnifique
  • Joel
    2015-04-06 21:56
    vivement quelle soie finie elle est magnifique c'est vraiment labboens
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