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Lakeside By Stevie V1.3 Dual Maps
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Lakeside By Stevie V1.3 Dual Maps

Lakeside V1.3 dual maps soil mod ready.

Both SSS and HSS V1.3 maps run from one file set, 1 download, 1 zip both versions. 953mb zip package with English tutorial.

Update includes:

Mix Feeder mod removed at the request of the mod makers.

Please read at least the top section of the included english tutorial as it covers saving with the dual maps and mod conflict problems and the fix.

All trees have been deleted and re planted with more theme groups for better clip control in more areas, map looks a little different due to this and the 33m Pines have been replaced with taller 40m pines throughout the map.
 The unloading silo triggers have been changed to work with mods with low fill triggers.
 Detail work throughout the map.
 Lake exit Changed.
 New Farm Gates by FSModding use animation map triggers, Xbox360 controller buttons LB+B to operate. Collision comes on after first operation.
 Farm layout changed.
 RC-Devils Rabbits added with a modified layout with his permission.
 Pet shop added for sale of Rabbits.
 IFkonators bale to feed mod added with his permission. Bales can now also be tipped at the feed stores for manure, silage, hay and straw. The amount is added to storage instead of sold like at the barns.
 Salad Factory and orchard pallet system fixed.
 Bridges and castle ruin added from an earlier version of Farm simulator.
 Enlarged Orchard Yard.
 Windrow width narrowed.
 Sorghum height increased.
 All owned fields planted ready for harvest, potato's, sorghum, rye and soybean.
 Silage removed from manure sales ramp.
 Compost_soil removed from the compost makers tip trigger.
 Floating objects corrected around the map.
 Grass foliage around the map touched up.
 More scenery objects added around the main farm.
 Starting equipment has changed slightly and includes a Capello maize header and a wind turbine.
 A few gold coin challenge locations have had to change.

Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, Ifkonator, FSModding, Kastor, Scott Mueller(Tutorial in english for starting a new version save and importing your old saves data) and Webalizer.

Dorset for some textures from his pack

Youtube video Jim Estep, Thanks Jim.

Thanks To Stuart(WONKO), Robbie and Viper278 for helping me out when I had issues.

  • Dj6310
    2015-10-25 19:05
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    bugs baisse de fps lag etc
  • Denestalbert
    2015-10-25 19:09
    0 0
    bonsoir grosse baisse de fps dans le champ de sorgo
  • Guest
    2015-10-26 22:38
    0 0
    has anyone had a problem hiring workers?
  • Guest
    2015-10-27 00:45
    0 0
    when save game and start it again all the mods have gone
  • Firez34
    2015-10-27 18:00
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    V1.31 with the tree fix for pine40m tomorrow.
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