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Lakeside USA by Stevie V2.0
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Lakeside USA by Stevie V2.0

Hello folks.

Here is Lakeside USA V2, single map version 811mb zip package.

Lakeside features a large single farm based in a fictional USA location.
Soil mod ready, multifruit, chopped straw, embedded particles and fillplane for all fruit and all vehicles.
Brandnew farm layout.
Large placeable areas.
large forestry area.
Many installed mods by the best mod makers in the world.
Compost plant, Animal fattening, watermod, Pig forage Master, Beetmaster, Seedmaster, Marhu sawmill, milk sales, Milkmax machines, Salad Factory, Potato washers, Potato Steamer, Modular storage for all fruit. and much much more.
Course play tested. Have fun with it.

Dorset for some textures from his pack.
Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods, textures and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Blacky_BPG RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, Ifkonator, Dundee98, Kastor, KimG, Vertex_Design and Webalizer.
Thanks to Jim, Randy and Malcolm for extra testing.

  • Ben


    2016-01-18 23:15
    Thank you Stevie, great map once again !
  • Name
    2016-01-19 03:45
    do not download. you will be waiting for ever for it to download.
  • Tallguy
    2016-01-19 03:56
    While I started out liking these maps, it reminds me of my favorite room in my house. You can rearrange the furniture a little, but its still the same room. Maybe add concrete, beer, pepsi, something besides the same ol same ol. Don't mistake my critique. I don't make maps. But its just not worth it to start over every 3-4 weeks for the same map with rearranged furniture.
  • Simon
    2016-01-19 04:27
    the map does not open and the error in the new patch version 1.4, the dowload and the google drive but virus and trojan is a file command the pc had too much trouble, the virus comes from. indonesia, care got the serial id from indonesia
  • Ripptide
    2016-01-19 06:23
    Great update to the map Stevie, works like a charm
  • Blkbughunter
    2016-01-19 08:17
    @Simon there is no virus so stop trolling like there is. great map stevie keep up the good work.
  • Faelandaea
    2016-01-19 11:24
    As usual, a beautiful map. Completely error free for me.For those of you who do not care to even try to read the EXTENSIVE and EXTREMELY HELPFUL documentation (Wiki is your friend if you need a definition for the word "documentation"), maps by Stevie are NOT compatible with ANY other multi-fruit maps out there. You must a new profile using a mod manager. It takes a mere few seconds to do and saves you having to post here about crashes caused by choosing not to read the documentati
  • Faelandaea
    2016-01-19 11:26
    @Stevie - character limit blocked me on the last message but wanted to say thank you VERY much for this beautiful map. The scenery is beautiful, the fields are VERY AI friendly, and that coin hunt was perfect for exploring all of the key places and discovering some awesome views of the lake.
  • Ich


    2016-01-19 13:04
    hi stivie thank you, update with cotton pleace
  • Firez34
    2016-01-19 14:14
    Second google drive link added.https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B47G8R7CYpJ0RVRqMXR0SzFtM28Thanks to those enjoying the map have fun, to the rest I don't care.
  • Michael
    2016-01-19 21:00
    Excellent map. I have 190 mods and no problems
  • Nebular
    2016-01-20 05:54
    Can't load this latest update which is a bummer since I really enjoy all of Stevie's maps and other mods. I've deactivated a majority of mods and I'm now down to 195 active mods, but unfortunately I still get "not enough memory" in the log file when trying to load. Reverted back to the previous version of the map and it loads fine, so I'll keep plugging at it.
  • Ripptide
    2016-01-20 16:31
    @Nebular Do you have either LiquidManure.zip or Manure.zip in your mod folder? Stevie now has them embedded in the map so are not needed in the folder, was causing me the same error until I pulled them out.
  • Ben


    2016-01-20 22:16
    Hi Stevie, today I saw on other website an update of this map call V2.0 Fixes. What's this update & can I could continue my save game with it ?Thanks
  • Josh
    2016-01-21 04:26
    how do I move chickens to lay eggs is it just the truck im using
  • Gunnar
    2016-01-21 06:12
    Is there a place to buy many animals at once? Great map, as always!
  • Guest
    2016-01-21 11:13
    @GUNNAR - There is no such place, but there is a "buy many animals" mod.Try one of these, if it doesn`t work, search other FS15 websites.Just type "buy many animals" in search box.http://www.modhub.us/search/BUY MANY ANIMALS/
  • Abbie
    2016-01-22 02:18
    Where are the rabbits placed?
  • Nebular
    2016-01-23 16:21
    @Riptide - I greatly appreciate the advice and removing those two mods did the trick. I'm now back on the latest version and loving the map! THANKS!
  • Laurent
    2016-01-26 17:04
    voila Mons problèmes quant je ton l herbe elle et tout jaune je ne peux pas l enlever merci
  • Denest
    2016-01-26 21:00
    bonsoir je vais arretter cette map gros probleme avec le sorgo les fps son tres faible desole
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