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Lamborghini Mach230VRT With Dynamic Twin Rear Wheels v1.0
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Lamborghini Mach230VRT With Dynamic Twin Rear Wheels v1.0

Lamborghini Mach230VRT with twin Dynamic rear wheels and hub, twin tyre tracks and particles. Slightly wider front fenders and wheels other than that it is totally standard from a new Giant's game model. Washable Yes, Multiplayer Yes. 95000 to buy and 55 daily cost's for MODHUB users.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Chuck
    2015-01-02 01:59
    I LOVE your newer mods!! I asked for dual wheels on the EVO X and the next day...........BOOM! there it was. I like the non modded tractors that you've released with the dual wheels even more! Dual wheels front and back?? Hey..........have to give it a shot. Either way..........thanks...........and well done!
  • Guest
    2015-01-02 02:41
    Thanks Chuck, I'm afraid I won't be doing dual wheels for the front, I've tried it and it's a no go for me. They work fine without a hub but I don't like the look with nothing in the gap. The problem with putting a hub in is that it has to be animated through whatever the steering angle is set to and that is beyond me I'm afraid. Thanks Stevie.
  • Chuck
    2015-01-02 04:49
    Well the ones you made are great!! Thank You again! I appreciate you sharing your work!
  • Guest
    2015-01-02 05:02
    Chuck there is a T9560 in the upload que with Dynamic Twins on each corner.
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