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Land pride bush hog v1
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Land pride bush hog v1

This is a land pride mower the only problem is that it is a wip because i cant get the sticker or adstrip to fold with the wings please can some fix that problem do what ever you want with it.     
we are me modding but now we are lucky modding.

lucky modding

  • Billy
    2016-06-28 04:48
    i love the mod
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2016-06-28 12:15
    To fix the adstrips, unzip and open with GE open centerCol then open center you will see left and right. Cut the adstrip for left side and paste to left you will need to move adstrip to frame. Do the same for the right and save. Close GE and zip back up. This will fix the problem with the names.
  • Lucky modding
    2016-06-28 23:36
    im not sure how to do that
  • Lucky modding
    2016-06-28 23:37
    can you put your version on the site
  • Lucky modding
    2016-06-29 01:31
    V2 coming soon its addstrip will be fixed and n=more parts on it stay tooned
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