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Landscape objects v1.0
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Landscape objects v1.0

Here I present a few fences and unloading of the yard.

Models: ferbman98
Texture: ferbman98
Ingame: ferbman98

There are also additional textures for a few items here. You have to replace only the texture.

The objects may not be re-uploaded. You may change the objects in your maps use without permission, but you must Nenen me in the credits.

Have fun block.

•Modelle: ferbman98
•Textur: ferbman98
•Ingame: ferbman98

  • Hard driver
    2014-12-08 04:22
    hmmm, make them placeable please. like all mods like this should be ..placeable purchasable in the game store. so that NON map makers can use them to modify their maps. this is farm sim 2015. its not like 2013 where its easy peasy to use the editor and get things working properly if youve no experience. im sure any custom map maker already has these items available as ive seen these many times over in other maps and in 2013 mods. so how about placeables? purchasables?
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