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Lantmanen FS Godzilla v1.0
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Lantmanen FS Godzilla v1.0

The trailer has 4 axes of which the first 2 and the last are steered.
The machine is self-propelled and set it up outside.
The machine has stock on 20000L and loaded with a barrel to fall out.
2 large rotating drums and V8 that drives the machine.
The tank holds 1500 and fuel consumption high.
light is lit the way you want it.
ON walk
Fuel and Start with C.
X to support
B start crusher
G Light Left g light middel and g again light right.

Lantmanen FS.
Script Marue , Fmt
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Please respect this
Keep your logs for your self
You will become the hunted
Thanks FTM modding and Marhu

© Lantmanen FS 2016

  • Daddy-j-760
    2016-02-21 22:35 Send message
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    Hello mod downloads great i can buy it BUT WILL NOT OPERATE i have tried all tractors all trucks nothing turns it on and works HELP I NEED LOGGING MODs THAT WORK
  • Blacky
    2016-02-21 23:15 Send message
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    junk mod waste of time
  • Rhuan
    2016-02-24 03:50 Send message
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    mod bom de mais
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