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Lantmannen Volvo 180 F v6.0 FIXED
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Lantmannen Volvo 180 F v6.0 FIXED

Fixed all errors and warnings
Added new CustomTrackSystem
Cleaned up in files.


  • No name
    2015-12-19 18:27
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    THX Bro! Now the Bucket Fits Perfekt all Errors r gone Thats what i call a mod!!! Thx againMerry Xmas
  • Michaelbjerg21978
    2015-12-20 19:56
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    NO NAME. Your are velcome, but i forgot to update a small thing.Have contated lantmannen via modhoster.Hope he give me permission for the updates.If not, then it is a great privat mod for me.Best regards: michael
  • Lindomar
    2015-12-21 00:34
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    Yes, perfect, beautifull mod.
  • Kyfarmer
    2016-01-24 08:46
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    is there a max weight limit for the buckets
  • Shadow26
    2016-02-13 17:44
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    This is a great addition for my silage business and an overall great mod. The only issue I have with it is the bucket can scoop 40k, but I can only lift about 15k before tipping over. Is there any counter weight to add to it? I'm new to farming sim so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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