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Lauenstein v1.0 XL
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Lauenstein v1.0 XL

Welcome to Lauenstein!
* This is a large map with many features. We have the choice between two farm. We can see the whole village. This map gives great possibilities.
* This is the version V1. There are a few things to fix. Map is not very good for Low_Poly PCs. Optimization will be improved.
* It has no error in LOG !!!
* Many fields of different size. You have to buy.
* Manure manure and lime mod, BGA, all animals, forest, Home machines, a few places selling, PDA map image ...
* Beautiful View. The card is not flat. Many details. Interesting textures and more ...

Have Fun!
Card, you must unpack!
Appreciate my work! No edits the map or change a link to download!


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    2015-02-14 14:42
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    PDA picture please
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