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Lawn Mower Pack v1.0
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Lawn Mower Pack v1.0

This is a mower mod pack that I made. I created the all models other than the 48″ stander and the wheels I also got scripts and stuff from the fs15 proffihopper. This pack includes a 72″ Exmark LazerZ, 72″ Exmark LazerZ with bagger, 48″ Exmark Stander, and a 52″ Walker T30i. These mods are still in very early beta.

Fsfarmer11, CoolBeans, Päddy Zunke, Giants

  • Name
    2015-08-19 03:55
    some one messed up the fuel usage up, cant make it 15 feet without running out of fuel, other than that it seems to be a nice mod.......who ever made it
  • Fspolice
    2015-08-19 04:34
    KRAZY>>> Please learn how to spell before making comments. 2nd off Please just let it go. Why troll this website if you don't like it? I see where you download all the time but you make smart ass comments on here. This is your last warning!!!!!!!!
  • Fsfarmer11
    2015-08-19 05:59
    I didn't have a problem with my fuel when I released the mod and i mowed today with them and didn't even get under half a tank so.
  • La15returns
    2015-08-21 06:45
    This guy knows the rules of his mod, but next time he should keep his mods private and for you guys convincing about stealing mods being stolen.. should think twice cause the download shouldn't even be on the website... just share a pic if its private. it isn't stolen if it was released onto a website to download. but yeah I've seen things on this site exactly alike and it's time to get along. ''Have a nice day not a ugly one''
  • Geiler tüp
    2015-08-24 12:58
    was soll das vido
  • Dal77
    2015-09-18 16:28
    hi cant get it to work downloaded put in to mods , but nothing in my mods in the game . any ideas pls
  • Ryland amato
    2015-10-17 06:31
    i cant get the mod to work i put it in folder and got nothing.
  • Sweet250
    2015-11-02 21:22
    first things first, to get this pack to work, you have to unzip it... second, I can't seem to fuel he walk-behind up, now I'm not sure if it has to do with the small tank, of that I've only used 2 liters, but still does not show the fuel up icon at a fuel pump...third, nice mod
  • Sweet250
    2015-11-09 15:12
    The Walker doesn't work, or show-up in the log, yes there is some kind of error in this mod
  • Name
    2015-12-07 00:03
    it not working
  • Kevin
    2015-12-10 01:06
    The mod doesn't work when you just paste it into the folder, you have to extract it into the folder, idk why, it used to work as a modpack.
  • Giffntor124
    2015-12-25 04:57
    Can You convert this to fs15
  • Jeremyj621
    2016-01-02 10:23
    Excellent mod! Show great promise! It's nice to see other riding mowers besides the Amazone Profihopper! Just a few things: 1) mowers don't leave grass clippings unless you disable grass pick-up on the bagger models, and 2) baggers need unloading animation.
  • Tyler
    2016-02-28 05:10
    if krazy was a true fs community player he would be proud his friends mod is being shared maybe they shouldn't take credit but other ppl enjoy the mod who cares if he posted it it gets it out there more downloads means more fun
  • Sarebels62
    2016-06-13 05:22
    you did not say that the mod wood have a virus
  • Sarebels62
    2016-06-13 05:24
    Fsfarmer11 you did not say that the mod wood have a virus
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