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Lemken Juwel 50m v1.0
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Lemken Juwel 50m v1.0

This mod entsand just so you can put together quickly on maps fields to win more space for the gameplay.
Press "O" The active field boundary to plow field margins (Mapgras).
T he Lemken jewel was taken at a working width of 50m, but Eigent widens for normal plowing, his work width is on 50m, it's a very precise work at expanding fields possible because the working image is adapted only to the plow length and 50m only one side rich depending on the rotational state of the plow whether to plow left or right.
In this sense I wish you much fun when you zoom your fields of your favorite map, ideal for players who are not familiar with the Giantseditos.


  • Kume
    2015-11-24 21:14
    pleas konvert from ls 13 Rot Amazone no v 36m for ls 15---PLEAAAASSSSSSSSS
  • Kume
    2015-11-24 21:16
    thanks for this mod bro
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