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Lemken Kompaktor K-Series v1.4
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Lemken Kompaktor K-Series v1.4

Now here come the K-Series of the Lemken Kompaktor

-Release KA600
-K400 kann jetzt auch vom KI Helfer genutzt werden

-Release KA600
-K400 is ready for KI-helper

The K-series integrate a foldable carrier system for raod traffic using. Work width between 4 and 6 m are avaiable.
This Mod contains all features of the S-Series

Link to the Lemken Kompaktor S-Serie:

special Features:
free swinging Kompaktor segments (follow ground and physics)
separate working Kompaktorsegments
High control for Kompaktor tools (backroller, cultivator, groundrails)
groundeffect for cultivorsegment now depend from working depth

Important note:
The mod may not be modified and new uploaded!

Avaiable models
Work width:    4m - 2 m by 2 compactors on foldable frame.
attachment:    3 point
Power        :   140 - 160 PS
                       - frontwidth 0,7 t
Work width:    6m - 1,5 m by four compactors on foldable frame.
attachment:    3 point
Power        :   220PS
- frontwidth 1 - 1,5 t
- twinwheels

V1.2/ V1.3 hotfix
Many improvements this week, especially the segment physic.
User of little farms and tech can try now the K400

Modell: ImpTS
Textur: ImpTS
Script: ImpTS
Tester: ImpTS

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